6 Tips for Leather Shoe Care

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24th July 2019
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Leather shoes are timelessly fashionable, which is why we at Rhino believe that they should be cared for in a manner that will help them last.

How to Care for Your Leather Shoes

It is important that these timeless fashion must-haves are cared for to ensure that their quality is preserved for as long as possible and you are getting the most out of your money. Keep reading the blog to discover 6 simple ways to tips for leather shoe care.

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1. Regularly Replace the Soles

When you feel that your leather shoes heel has worn down significantly, or you can feel things through the sole, it is time for a new one. Over time, a sole that has been worn down can ruin the structure of the whole shoe. Worn down soles can tilt your shoes and result in back pain; therefore, instead of having to replace the whole shoe, simply replace the soles regularly.

2. Prevent Water Damage

Water is a common ruin for leather shoes; luckily, this can be prevented. Every 6 months add a thin coat of waterproofing spray to your shoes to prevent them from being damaged. Also, avoid long treks in the rain and stepping in puddles.

3. Care for Waterlogged Shoes Immediately

If you accidentally wet your shoes, it is vital that you stuff them with either a rag or newspaper as soon as possible. Do not attempt to dry them off by a fire or with a hairdryer, as too much heat will cause the leather to crack.

4. Don’t Store Them in Their Shoe Box

It may seem like the best idea to store your expensive shoes in their original packaging- their shoebox. However, this is not the case when it comes to leather, as the humidity inside the box may damage the shoe. It is best to keep your shoes in a cool, dry place; such as a closet.

5. Don’t Over-Wear Them

Whilst it may be tempting, when you first purchase new leather shoes, it is important that you do not get into the habit of over-wearing them. Limit yourself to wearing them a few days a week; giving them a few days break will result in them lasting longer.

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6. Polish Them Regularly

This should be something that most people are familiar with; however, it is important that we stress the importance of this step. You are going to want to find a shoe polish that is as close to your shoe colour as possible. All you need are two soft rags and some leather shoe polish from Rhino Products.

Rhino Shoe Polish Understands Your Needs

Rhino Products stock shoe polish that you can trust on your shoes; with a selection of colours and the option to shop in bulk, you can purchase enough shoe polish to last almost as long as your shoes. Contact us today and order your shoe polish – your shoes will thank you.