How to Polish Your Shoes – The Right Way!

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Rhino Shoe Polish reveals how to polish your shoes the right way

Ever wondered what the correct way is for how to polish your shoes? When you master the art of polishing your shoes to the right technique, not only will your shoes look newer and shinier, it will help to also extend their life.

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At Rhino, we believe that once you learn the tricks to polishing your own shoes correctly, it will save you both time and effort over the years. Plus, it brings a great sense of satisfaction! Keep reading this blog to discover the best way to achieve the shine you want.

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1. Choose your polish

You can choose from an array of shoe polishes, but wax, cream, and liquid forms are the most common. Waxes and creams are great for leather as these are heavier and will feed the leather. They also have the added benefit of protecting the shoes from water damage.

Liquid polishes are speedier to use, making them great for quick and easy polishing. You can also buy specific shades of shoe polish to match your shoes, so make sure you consider this too — a neutral polish which will work on a variety of shoe colours.

2. Use a brush or cloth

You can use either a brush or a cloth for the polishing procedure. Some people choose to use a proper polishing brush or a soft, lint-free cloth. Others decide to use a polishing brush, a horsehair brush or another form of a soft cotton buffing cloth. All these options work, but you will get a more professional and quality finish when using a polishing brush or a proper lint-free cloth made for polishing and buffing.

A horsehair brush has longer, softer bristles than the polishing brush, which has short, stiffer bristles. Horsehair brushes are commonly used to brush excess polish away from the shoes and to work in the remaining polish deep down into the leather.

A soft, lint-free cloth will add that perfect shine as a finishing step to your polishing procedure. If you want the best quality, look for a chamois – a type of soft leather cloth.

3. Protect your floor

Before you begin polishing, ensure your floor space is covered. Newspaper is a great option for this, as polishing your shoes can be a messy job. Lay down enough newspaper (or an old sheet if you prefer) to place your shoes and equipment on.

4. Clean the shoes first

Remove any buildup of dirt, salt, or dust before you begin. Any dirt not removed beforehand can get trapped beneath the polish, or even scratch away at the shoes when a polishing brush is used. You can use a dampened cloth to ensure the shoes are dirt-free and remember to let them dry completely before moving onto the next step.

5. Apply the polish

Remove the laces of any tie-up shoes first, and then start to apply the polish. Dip either your soft lint-free cloth or polishing brush into the polish and work it via small circular movement into the surface of the shoe.

Apply medium pressure, coating the surface evenly. Remember to go over the toe and heel areas which get more wear. If the soles need extra shine, apply polish to the space that sits between the toe and heel that doesn’t meet the ground.

6. Brush off the excess

When the layers of polish have dried, this is a good opportunity to use a horsehair brush and remove the excess polish. You can do this using short, quick strokes all over the shoe with more intense pressure. Go over both shoes evenly, as the shoes should each have an even finish and a touch of subtle shine.

7. Add extra shine

For those who like a high shine finish, you need to buff the shoes with a soft cloth. The best way to get a professional finish is with a Chamois as mentioned above, although a soft cotton buffing cloth will also do the job. Work the cloth across the shoe via a side-to-side motion.

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For the best possible high-shine finish, you can apply one final layer of polish after step 7. Then, buff away at the shoes with a soft cloth. This will leave your shoes incredibly polished with a glass-like shine. Now you can show off your newly shined shoes! Get in touch to find out more or to request a quote.