10 Handy Household Uses for Petroleum Jelly

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Some people use petroleum jelly every day. More commonly, the average person buys a jar, and it ends up sitting in a cupboard for the next decade. If you think that your jar of petroleum jelly is good for nothing more than the occasional skincare or beauty regime, then it might be time to think again.

10 Novel Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly

Brilliantly versatile, a regular jar of petroleum jelly has a wide variety of uses, and that extends to making improvements to your home. If you’re wasting a jar of the stuff, then here are some of the best uses for petroleum jelly that you might not have known about.

1. Coffee Table Watermarks

If you’ve got a wooden coffee table that looks unsightly thanks to rings from your favorite coffee mug, all you have to do it cover the mark with petroleum jelly and leave it overnight. Wipe it away the next day and voila! The rings will be gone.

2. Stubborn Nail Polish

Most women know the pain of trying to open a bottle of stuck nail polish. Usually, the solution is to run it forever under a hot tap, but that can take quite a long time. Cut your morning nightmare short by simply dabbing a little petroleum jelly around the rim of your nail polish, and it will open quickly and easily the next time you need a nail top-up. A fantastically fashionable example of the many uses for petroleum jelly.

3. Candle Holder Mess

If you burn a candle down as far as it can go, then you’re going to end up with a mess that’s hard to get rid of. That melted wax can be tricky to get out of the holder itself, but if you smear some jelly on the base of the candle before putting it into the holder, then it will be far easier to remove.

4. Chewing Gum Nightmares

Whether you’ve found some gum under the table or it’s stuck in your kid’s hair, rubbing some petroleum jelly onto it will cause it to break up. Let it settle, and you might be surprised by how easy it is to remove.

5. Get Rid of Rust

Your garden tools are very vulnerable to rust. You can save your essential garden equipment by smearing them in petroleum jelly. This will protect them from the elements and ensure that your tools remain rust free.

6. Squeaky Doors

If the sound of your doors keeps you awake at night, then this is a very simple fix. Rub a little petroleum jelly on the hinges, and you’ll completely eradicate those squeaks.

7. Stain Nightmares

Getting lipstick on your new blouse or shirt can ruin an evening, but you don’t have to start throwing your fave items of clothing away. For fresh stains, try applying a little petroleum jelly to the stain before you put it into the wash. This is becoming one of the more popular alternative uses for petroleum jelly, and it really works.

8. Painting Professionally

Disasters with paint can be hard to resolve, so it’s best to avoid them, however possible. Get some cotton swabs and coat them liberally with your petroleum jelly, and then trace around the edges of your windows, doors, and where the wall meets the ceiling and floor. If you get paint on these areas, then they will be easy to remove with nothing more than a wipe.

9. Squeaky Taps

This is a very annoying household problem, but most people settle for putting up with it. You don’t have to! Instead, turn off your mains water supply and remove the stem and the handle. Coat the threads with your petroleum jelly and that squeak will be gone.

10. Fashion Fixes

Do you own a leather coat? If you’ve had one for a while, the chances are that it looks dried out and cracked. Massage in some petroleum jelly, wipe away the excess, and you’ll find that it regains its suppleness and softness.

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So Many More Reasons to Love Rhino Home Products!

As you can see, petroleum jelly is one of the most versatile items in your cupboard that you’re simply letting go to waste. Never underestimate the many ways that you can use this incredible, versatile and very helpful household product. For more handy info like this, stay tuned to our blog, or check out or store to view our other products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!